Jan Vos


Jan Vos is a Dutch businessman and politician. As a member of the Dutch Parliament (2012-2017), his duties included the Economic Affairs, Trade, Climate, and Energy portfolios. Over 90% of the 227 motions and amendments he floated during his tenure have been passed by parliament.

Included in his achievements was the creation of a €750mln Equity and Loans Emerging Market Investment Fund financing  entrepreneurs with little access to finance in countries such as Congo, Mali, Sudan, Ghana, Nigeria, Vietnam, Burma, and Cambodia.

Vos was also responsible for oversight on the negotiations on the Transatlantic Trade & Investment Agreement (TTIP) with the United States, and he approved the Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement (CETA) with Canada.

Vos is very much committed to a sustainable economy and has worked consistently towards a safer national and international environment. He oversaw an €11bln investment in renewable energy, and with his party in government, succeeded in closing 5 out of 10 Dutch coal plants, thus realizing significant real change. The Netherlands is now building the largest offshore wind park in the world, made possible by legislation passed during his tenure. Dutch Parliament also voted in favor of his progressive motions to only allow sales of zero-emission cars in the Netherlands in the near future.

Following several earthquakes with increasing intensity and frequency in the northernmost parts of the Netherlands (Groningen), Vos also introduced a number of motions and amendments to decrease gas-drilling operations, thereby making the Groningen field area significantly safer for residents. Furthermore, as a result of his legislation, several avenues have been provided to compensate for damages suffered by the communities. Vos has also taken legislative measures to ensure that new gas drilling in the national park ‘Waddenzee’ is banned.

Previously employed as an Interim Manager at the Dutch National Trust, Vos was invited by the Board of Directors to engage in a turnaround process. He wrote a new strategy and revenue streams were subsequently substantially increased.

A consummate entrepreneur, he launched an Internet start-up in 2000 (@GLOBE) with innovative technology and content, contracting over 50 clients including ABNAMRO, Ernst & Young and the cities of Amsterdam and The Hague. After selling the highly successfully company 8 years later, he continued as CEO and Founder of an Emerging Markets Private Equity Impact Investment Fund he had launched in 2005. Investors included the International Finance Corporation (IFC), the Dutch Development Bank (FMO), and family offices.

Well acquainted with the media early in his career, he has frequently appeared on most Dutch news programs, hosted a TV documentary on the United Nations, and has made appearances as a radio talk show panel member engaged in weekly discussions on current events and politics. As Director of Youth Programmes, he doubled the number of active young PvdA (Labour) Party members through successful media events.Jan Vos has a Master’s degree in Contemporary World History from Erasmus University, Rotterdam, the Netherlands.